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This organization was created by a group of zealous people seeking to promote human welfare and provide a springboard for individuals and corporate organizations alike to thrive via financial empowerment.

Our Aim

Our aim is to create a platform that gives all participants an avenue to enjoy a higher standard of living.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see people live totally independent lives, free from debt and financial struggles.

The secret to wealth is simple: Find a way to do more for others than anyone else does.

  • Deliverability

    Over 5385 users have recieved their payments on Civitasvisio.

  • Dream on new ideas

    Join our organization today and say goodbye to poverty and financial struggles.

Effective finance solutions at a glance

It is a well known fact that there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor. Our organization aims to significantly reduce that gap with the aim of creating a platform that enables all our members attain a higher standard of living and all round financial freedom. This works by evenly distributing all investments among members to bring everybody up at the same time.

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Our Working Process

How it works.

01. Select a package

We have a range of packages for you to choose from. Check out the details of the packages below:

02. Get merged to pay an existing member

After selecting a suitable package, you'll be merged to an existing member you are to make payment to.

03. Make payment

Get the account details of the member you are to pay to from your dashboard and pay the stated amount.

04. Get Activation

When you have made your payment, get in touch with the existing member you made payment to, to activate your package. In the extremely rare case of the member not activating your package, kindly write a support ticket to the admin and we will investigate the payment. If the payment evidence is confirmed to be true, we will activate your package and permanently block the account of the existing member. If the payment evidence is found to be false, your account will be permanently blocked as there is no room for fraudsters on Civitasvisio.

05. The system assigns two downlines to pay you

Upon activation of your package, the system will assign two members to pay you. For instance, if you subscribe to the ₦10,000 package, the system will assign two people to pay you ₦10,000 each within 24 hrs!!!

06. Recieve payment from downlines and activate downlines

Each downline is given 2 hrs to make payment. In the event that a downline fails to make payment within the stipulated time, the downline’s account will be deactivated. When a downline makes payment, DO NOT confirm payment without checking your bank account balance from your financial institution. If you do so, there is nothing the admin can do about it as payment confirmation is an irreversible process on the system.

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Affordable pricing packages for all type of Users

Basic Package


  • Create account within minutes
  • Easy to use dashboaard
  • Two downline pays you ₦10,000 each

Classic Package


  • Create account within minutes
  • Easy to use dashboaard
  • Two downline pays you ₦25,000 each

Premium Package


  • Create account within minutes
  • Easy to use dashboaard
  • Two downline pays you ₦50,000 each

Frequently Asked Questions

Civitasvisio is a member to member donation and mutual aid fund scheme for members to help other members in an efficient way. By using this scheme, members gives and receives donations from each other.

The different packages are designed to accomodate a specified investment amount. The higher the package, the more money you invest. Hence, the more profit you make.

Yes, you can run multiple accounts, but you must run them with different usernames and email addresses as those are unique in the system

Setting up an account with Civitasvisio is absolutely 100% FREE! No charges whatsoever!!

The time it takes for you to get downlines to pay you depends on the flow of users in the system. To shorten this timeframe, this is why we introduced the autocycle feature which forces new and existing members to keep investing in the system while retaining their profits of course. Downlines are assigned to pay usually on or before 24 hrs!

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